I’m back!

It’s week two of my personal commitment to blog each and every week.  As writer’s we hear over and over the importance of exercising the writing muscle, so this blog is one of my ways of ‘getting into writing shape!’   Of course, one could argue that ‘a blog’ is less important and that I should be writing my novel instead of this blog. I would counter that nobody said what ‘type’ of exercise I had to do to strengthen my writing muscle, and I’m pretty certain that this blog will be valuable to me on many levels.  So, I’ve decided I will write my novel(s) AND write a weekly blog.  The blog keeps me accountable.  Well at least in my mind it does.  I’m not sure if anyone is reading this.  Actually that’s a bit of a lie; I do know that at least three people read my blog last week because they commented, and favourably I might add.  Thank You – you are my first ‘Fans’.

As I was mentally preparing for this week’s blog post, various thoughts and ideas were floating around in my head.  Not uncommon for me, I rarely can harness one thought at a time.  In actuality, the word ‘flying’ better describes the action of everything that goes on in there sometimes….  I was thinking that I should create some kind of format or template like many of the podcasts that I listen to.  For example one podcast always starts off with each host telling the audience his “something cool” he has discovered.  What they share varies from a new restaurant to a new Netflix series.  I like how this format kind of allows for a personal touch – it humanises the podcast, so you feel like they (the hosts) are just like me (the listener).  I could try that…just not sure I have that much ‘cool’ going on in my life.  As I wrestled with what kind of format, I decided I would allow myself to just ‘wing it’ for the first few blog posts and see where it takes me.  This is me, letting go of control and letting the process unfold as it may…

As I said in my first blog I planned to trickle out my thoughts, challenges and learnings, and I think I said something about keeping you (my readers) on the edge of your seats.  A bit presumptuous of me I realize upon reflection, but oh so like me as you’ll come to learn – open mouth, insert foot.  Oh well, the gauntlet has been thrown by none other than myself so I better get up for the challenge!

I love inspiring quotes and I’ve chosen this quote for today:

If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write.”
– Somerset Maugham

Have a great week!





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