Hi and thanks for checking out my website!  I promise it will get better as I learn and grow.  Now for a little about me…I assume that’s why you clicked on “about me” – you want to know who Tamara Mercer is.

Okay, off the top I want to declare I was once a ‘corporate cog in the wheel’; in fact, I was that cog for over 27 years, and miserable for most of the time.  In 2006, my entire department was outsourced.  Happy to have been kicked to the curb, I turned my attention to what I was going to do next.  Not surprising, I entered the world of self-employment that lead to several mediocre, haphazard positions; including a home renovation business, several direct marketing forays into the health and wellness world and finally two failed attempts at selling horse related products.  In between, I had to take jobs at the local box stores to make ends meet.

I was tired of following the beat of society’s drum. Feeling defeated and dejected, I stepped back to look at my life and asked myself, “what do I truly want?”  I decided I needed the ‘free spirit’ inside of me to flourish.  Of course, I also needed to make some money.  After all life is not free.

About this same time, a good friend was starting to experience some success as a writer.  She and I had always spoken about writing, and she had taken the daring leap to becoming a full-time writer a few years earlier.  As the author of a successful series, her success was now inspiring me to consider a dream I’d always had, but kept quiet inside me.  With her encouragement, I decided to find more time for writing.  The answer had surfaced, “I want to be an writer!”  

That was a few years ago.  Where am I now?  Well, I’m not a best selling author – yet.  I spend as much time as I can writing when I’m not busy at home or working.  My husband and I own a small ranch that’s also home to horses, dogs and a feisty barn cat.  We don’t have children, of the traditional variety, so we give all our love to the four-legged kids.  Horses are a big part of my life.  They are the calm that keep me centered on this earth.  Fortunately, I’ve managed to develop a small business working with horses so, while I eventually want to write full-time, at least I’m much happier at work now versus those unrewarding days as a cog.   

As far as developing as a writer, I’ve written a few horse-related articles, and a short essay, about one of my own horses, was published in an anthology.  Currently, I have three books in the works.  While my writing doesn’t revolve around horses, there’s always one or more horses layered into my stories.  I get a lot of writing ideas and tips by listening to podcasts. I think I might actually be a podcast junkie!  I am fascinated by the entire writing industry and how it is evolving.      

So that’s a little about me.  My website will change and develop as I do.  Thank you again for checking it out.  

Let the stories begin!

Tamara Mercer