My First Official Blog

Whoo-hoo I’m kicking off 2018 as a blogger. Yippee something I’ve talked (to myself) about for months and months!  Today it is finally happening.  Why you ask? Well…I’m a writer. Yes I just put that in print and said it out-loud…and funny, it feels pretty darn good.

I heard on one of the m-a-n-y writer/author podcasts that I listen to the guest suggest that writers drop the word “aspiring” and just bloody well be a writer!  So I’m taking that suggestion to heart and proclaiming to the word “I am a writer”.

Of course the beauty of this very moment is….ta-da, likely nobody is reading this, but that’s okay – I am still a writer.

I suggested to myself that I keep my first blog post short and trickle out over the coming weeks my thoughts, challenges, learnings etcetera, and keep my readership on the edge of their seats.  So stay tuned, to learn more about Tamara Mercer and her adventures into publishing her first novel(s).


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